Recipes: Incorporate sea vegetables into your diet
Eat Your SEA Veggies

Some say the ocean lures us with the memory of where life began.

VitaminSea answers that call with the sea vegetables that can support your healthy life on land. Our red, green and brown seaweeds contain the antioxidants that have earned them their status as true "Superfoods".

All are hand-harvested as live ocean plants off the pristine coast of Maine. Whether enjoying them in powdered, flaked, or full-leaf form, we invite you to remember a taste of just how rich life can be.

If you are interested in incorporating sea vegetables into your diet but aren’t sure where to start, check out some of our most popular recipes which feature our Kelp, Dulse, Triple Blend Flakes, and Dulse/Sea Salt/Garlic Seasoning.

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