Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sustainably harvest?

We take our commitment to the ocean and its delicious, nutritious seaweeds very seriously and only use sustainable harvesting methods. We hand cut all of our seaweeds. Some are cut with a knife and some are torn, depending on the seaweed. All are sea vegetables are sundried, not mechanically dried, in the Maine sunshine. Our sea vegetables for human consumption are dried in greenhouses, and our other products are dried on rack tables.

Are your products vegetarian/vegan?

Yes! All of our products are made from seaweeds, which is a plant, and can be a healthy part of any vegetarian, vegan or raw diet.

Are your seaweeds from Maine?

Yes they are. VitaminSea harvests its sea vegetables from the cold North Atlantic Ocean ~ the entire coast of Maine. We start off in the southern part of the state around Kennebunk in March and finish up in Lubec in the fall.

How do I incorporate sea vegetables in my diet?

You use sea vegetables as an herb or a spice. You don’t need to make a whole seaweed salad to get the benefits from the sea vegetables.

How long does the seaweed last?

Typically there is a two-year shelf life on our seaweed products. We just recommend storing them in a cool, dry place out of the sun.