Edible Seaweed
Our seaweed is harvested from the cold North Atlantic ocean. Sea vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins, and a valuable component to any healthy diet.

Full of antioxidants, organic and vegan, seaweed truly is a super food. Seaweed is a member of the algae family and edible seaweed comes in three varieties: brown, red, and green. The most commonly-eaten seaweed is the brown varieties, which includes kelp, wakame, and bladderwrack, followed by red seaweed, which includes nori, dulse and Irish moss, and finally green seaweed, such as sea lettuce.

We manufacture and sell several edible seaweed products in a variety of forms, including powder, granular, flakes and whole leaf. Our seaweed is hand harvested by us and with our own licensed harvesters. All of the seaweed in our products comes from live ocean plants harvested in the pure, pristine waters off the coast of Maine.

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