Sun-dried Seaweed ~ Sell By / Best By / Use By

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Sun-dried Seaweed ~ Sell By / Best By / Use By
Dried seaweed is a non-perishable food. Non-perishable foods can be stored at room temperature and have a long shelf life. Our naturally sun-dried seaweed has a very long shelf life.

You’ll notice the “Use By” stickers adhered to the seaweed product packaging have an extended date on them to begin with. We adhere these stickers to help give a sense of when we originally packaged it, not necessarily as a “Throw Out If Not Used By”.

Even though we adhere “Use By” stickers on our seaweed products, the dried seaweed inside the packaging will last far beyond that date as long as the seaweed inside hasn’t been exposed to extreme heat or has a damaged package allowing moisture inside.

Rather than being so quick to toss it in the trash, open the package and inspect the product inside. Regardless of the “Use By” date, that dried seaweed may still have a lot of flavor and nutrients for you!

If the seaweed has been exposed to moisture, mold may be possible. If there’s mold on it, it won’t taste as expected. Mold isn’t dangerous, it just doesn’t taste great. Mind you, there’s a difference between mold and the natural salts that appear as a white powder speckled here and there on the dried seaweed. The white powder is actually a sign of flavor.

The other issue with older dried seaweed would be the nutritional values. Seaweeds provide us with vitamins and minerals that stimulate metabolism and purify us inside. There are several studies showing that in areas where more seaweed is consumed, people are living longer and are healthier. And no wonder, considering that the seaweed nutrition facts can be up to 20x greater than that of any other land vegetable.

~ They are absolutely remineralizantes, which directly affect bone health and general biochemical function of the body.

~ Seaweeds stimulate the functioning of the thyroid gland, and therefore your metabolism.

~ They are very alkalizing, which helps offset the acidosis caused by the excess in the consumption of meat or processed food.

~ They are extremely cleansing and anti-viral**. Cleansing the blood, stimulates the function of the kidneys and liver, eliminates toxins, and reduce the absorption of heavy metals.

~ Seaweed regulates blood pressure.

~ Maintain skin, hair, and nails in a very healthy state.

~ All species of seaweeds in general are extremely rich in iron and calcium. They also contain significant amounts of magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C, and the important B’s.

But perhaps the most important mineral is Iodine, necessary for thyroid function. The highest level is in our Brown seaweeds (Wakame, Kombu, and Digitata).

**In a test of antiviral effectiveness, extract from edible seaweeds substantially outperformed Remdesivir, the standard antiviral used to combat the disease. The seaweed extract was about nine times more effective than the drug. The research was published in Cell Discovery on July 24, 2020.

We ensure that all seaweed we use is naturally sun-dried to retain all of its nutrients at the highest possible level. Most nutrients that would escape the seaweed, have already escaped during the drying process.

Naturally, certain types of seaweed will be better than others depending on how old it is and whether it’s in whole leaf seaweed form or as fine as seaweed powder, but don’t be afraid to try it. It can’t hurt!

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