‘Sea’sonings ~ Spice Up Your Food With Nutrition

Posted by VitaminSea on 6/16/2022 to SEAWEED FOR HEALTH
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‘Sea’sonings ~ Spice Up Your Food With Nutrition
Our selection of hand harvested sea vegetables can spice up your food with nutrition. Skip the regular salt and get less sodium with more flavor, plus nutritional benefits of 'Sea'sonings.

Made so you can shake them over salads, soups, stews, even pizza or any recipe for wickedly delicious zesty flavor OR shake a handful for a snack... once you start it's hard to stop!

Our nutrient rich and flavorful ‘Sea’sonings are available in three flavors:

Want an alternative to our ‘Sea’sonings?

Try our Triple Blend Flakes. Kelp, Dulse, and Sea Lettuce is our favorite nutritional blend.

Sea Vegetables offer a complete range of bioavailable minerals and trace elements. No land plants compare, nor are they a reliable source of healthy iodine.

With our triple blend of Kelp, Dulse and Sea Lettuce ~ besides eating a bountiful of flavor ~ you are receiving a variety of iodine, iron, potassium, vitamin C, B12 and calcium!

Triple Flake Seasonings is delicious for salads, soups, dip and more. Go ahead ~ try something new!

Eat Your SEA VeggiesWant an alternative to our ‘Sea’sonings and our Triple Blend Flakes?

Try simply adding seaweed flakes or granular seaweed instead. You could use one type of sea vegetable or you could mix and match different types of sea vegetables for more depth of flavor.

Either way, you’ll get the health benefits and your food will taste better! Spicing up your food with nutrition is a Win-Win!

Eat Your SEA Veggies!

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