Eat Sea Veggies ~ Without Knowing It

Posted by VitaminSea on 7/15/2021 to SEAWEED FOR HEALTH
Eat Sea Veggies ~ Without Knowing It

Incorporate sea veggies into your diet (or someone else’s) secretly!

Why would you want to do that? Health benefits, of course. Nutrients found in sea veggies far exceed the nutritional values found in land veggies. Sea vegetables can aid in maintaining good health and they can improve health.

But not everybody wants to taste seaweed in order to reap the health benefits. Some will avoid eating it simply because they don’t want to give it a chance.

Optimum health doesn’t have to be an acquired taste.

You can offer a healthier version of your favorite foods and drinks by simply adding a small amount of powdered, granulated or flaked sea vegetables.

With seaweed, a little goes a long way! Use only ½ to 1 tsp per day for optimum benefits.

Add powdered sea veggies to almost any recipe ~ soups and broths, marinades and dips, desserts, smoothies, salad dressings, sauces and more. Odor, flavor and powder are absorbed ~ health benefits are disguised!

Add granulated sea veggies instead of salt, as a seasoning with other spices, or even as a “rub” for meats. Maybe you want to give our ‘Sea’sonings a try.

Add flaked sea veggies to foods and they’ll blend in with sauces, marinades, salad dressings, other vegetables, rice, beans, grains and leafy green salads.

Eat Your SEA VeggiesSo, go ahead… secretly incorporate sea vegetables into one of your own beloved recipes or grab one of our recipes.

Our all natural sea vegetables can support your healthy life on land. Our red, green and brown seaweeds contain the antioxidants that have earned them their status as true "Superfoods".

All are hand-harvested as live ocean plants off the pristine coast of Maine. We mill our sea vegetables in powdered, granulated, flaked and whole leaf form so you can easily incorporate them into your favorite recipes or eat them straight from the package.

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