Seaweed ~ The Sustainable Superfood

Posted by VitaminSea on 11/18/2021 to SEAWEED FOR HEALTH
Seaweed ~ The Sustainable Superfood
Full of antioxidants, all natural and vegan, seaweed truly is a one of the greatest superfoods on the planet. The ocean is part of our world, and the more we research and learn about seaweed (sea vegetables), we have come to realize that they are the most powerful plants on earth!

The earth’s oceans make up nearly 70% of the planet’s surface and absorb 70% of the sun’s energy. Much of that solar (radiant) energy is absorbed by seaweed. Other than needing sunlight, seaweed is self-sufficient in its environment; it can absorb everything needed to sustain life directly from the seawater that surrounds it. As a result, seaweeds are the most nutritionally dense plants on the earth, and an abundant source of minerals.

Seaweed is a member of the algae family and edible seaweed comes in three varieties: brown, red, and green. The most commonly-eaten seaweed is the brown varieties, which includes kelp, wakame, and bladderwrack, followed by red seaweed, which includes nori, dulse and Irish moss, and finally green seaweed, such as sea lettuce.

Seaweed is all natural, nutritious, contains antioxidants, calcium and several vitamins, and is perfect for anyone following a vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic or raw diet ~ although ANYONE can experience the health benefits from consuming seaweed.

Seaweeds provide us with vitamins and minerals that stimulate metabolism and purify us inside. There are several studies showing that in areas where more seaweed is consumed, people are living longer and are healthier. And no wonder, considering that the seaweed nutrition facts can be up to 20x greater than that of any other land vegetable. Read more about Seaween Nutrition ~ each species of seaweed holds different nutritional values.

Seaweed boasts an abundant storehouse of healthful nutrients that can help with cancer, obesity, digestion, detoxification, cardiovascular health, diabetes, skincare and more. Read more about the health benefits of sea vegetables.

We manufacture and sell several edible sea vegetable products in a variety of forms, including powder, granular, flakes and whole leaf. Our sea vegetables are hand harvested by us and with our own licensed harvesters. All of the seaweed in our products comes from live ocean plants harvested in the pure, pristine waters off the coast of Maine, not from seaweed that washed up on shore. We ensure that all seaweed we use is naturally sun-dried to retain all of its nutrients at the highest possible level.

Seaweed is a non-pollutant, renewable, and when harvested in an environmentally and ecologically conservative manner, a sustainable resource.

Try our products and “sea” for yourself!

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