Seaweed Detox Bath Benefits

Posted by VitaminSea on 4/25/2012 to HOW TO USE SEAWEED
Seaweed Detox Bath Benefits
There has been a lot of hype in the media recently around the benefits of a detoxification routine. This past week Dr. Oz, once again, praised the benefits of seaweed as part of your regular health regime and as a simple detox solution. You may see the video here:

To remain healthy on the inside and look youthful on the outside, it is very important to supply your body with all the minerals, vitamins, and amino acids it needs for the cells and body systems to function properly. Since your skin acts as a sponge for the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins for improved health, and a more youthful appearance, bringing seaweed into your home bath, you will create a mini ocean of enhancing vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that will brighten and revitalize your skin.

Both brown seaweed and dulse, when added to your diet, have been reported to actually shorten the phase in which cells replace themselves, which means when they are used regularly, they can repair damage to the skin’s barrier, slow the aging process (and wrinkle formation), and promote faster healing. Seaweed strengthens skin, hair, nails, and improves and restores skin tone and vitality.

The brown seaweed, bladderwrack, is especially cleansing, as it will flush out toxins, help control cellulite, and together with hydrotherapy, stimulate the lymphatic system and revitalize the metabolism. Because seaweed also has an alkalizing effect, it promotes overall youthfulness.

According to holistic doctors, both the sea and seaweed are shown to build resistance to disease and to repair damaged tissues by regulating the acid/alkaline balance in the blood and tissues.

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