Kombu ~ a.k.a. Dasima or Haidai

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Kombu ~ a.k.a. Dasima or Haidai
Our Wild North Atlantic hand-harvested Kombu (Saccharina Kelp) is a brown seaweed best known as sugared kelp. Kombu is also known as Dasima or Haidai.

Kombu has a slightly sweeter taste and tender texture, and makes an excellent fish wrap for baking and steaming. The contents of the wrap become infused with the sweet flavor while remaining moist and flavorful.

This versatile sea vegetable is beautiful for soup stocks, marinades and seasonings; or used in biscuits, cakes, tarts, and cookies.

Here’s what you can expect to consume when adding Kombu to your recipes:

~ Potassium
~ Magnesium
~ Iron
~ Sodium
~ Chromium
~ Protein
~ Phosphorus
~ Alginate
~ Carotene
~ Vitamin A
~ Vitamin C
~ Vitamin E
~ Vitamin K
~ B Complex Vitamins

Impressive list of nutrients. Ready to buy some Kombu and find Recipes to use it with?

Our Kombu is available as Whole Leaf, Flakes, Granular and Powdered.

Be sure to check out the recipe for The Creamiest Asparagus Pasta with Kombu and Nori ~ it's courtesy of The New York Times COOKING.

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