Anti-viral Assistance from Seaweed

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Anti-viral Assistance from Seaweed
During this Covid-19 pandemic, we’re looking for ways to help boost our immune systems and seek out anti-viral helpers. Once Covid-19 has been contracted, the drug Remdesivir may be administered as an anti-viral in hospital settings.

We can do much better than that beforehand.

The studies are now out that seaweeds outperform Remdesivir as an anti-viral agent. If you google something to the effect of “seaweed as an anti-viral”, you can see for yourself that we have an all-natural healer at our fingertips.

Seaweeds contain anti-oxidants and an array of chemicals that contribute to therapies for fighting existing cancers. Fucoidan is just one example; comprised of glycoproteins and sulfated polysaccharides. This compound, found in brown seaweed native to Maine, elevates effectiveness of the immune system, and exhibits both anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.

Luckily, we don’t need a scientific degree to understand the intricacies of seaweed biology or the fact that the magic is in the polysaccharides. We just need to know that seaweeds are a fantastic resource to healing and that we should utilize them daily for optimum health.

By adding sea vegetables to your daily regiment, even in small doses, you’re setting yourself up for great success! You could choose to sprinkle sea vegetables on your food instead of using table salt ~ or add a teaspoon of seaweed powder to a favorite shake ~ or add some sea vegetable flakes to a soup or stew or casserole ~ or even snack on whole leaves because they just taste so good.

All of these seemingly insignificant additions really do add up to a significant amount of health overall ~ and next thing you know, you just feel better, you just feel stronger. You literally have nothing to lose, and so much to gain, by adding small amounts of sea vegetables daily. Try it and “sea” for yourself!

To read more of the extent of Health Benefits associated with regular consumption of seaweed in addition to the anti-viral properties, this is worth a good read:

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