Spot Therapy Mineral Rub

Spot Therapy Mineral Rub

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Balneotherapy (from the Latin word balneum, meaning “bath”) involves the use of natural thermal and mineral water to alleviate skin conditions. Used in Europe and Japan, bladderwrack seaweed, when added to hot water, forms an incredible moisturizing gel. Use as a spot treatment or bath. 3 applications included.


Take one pouch of seaweed and add to 2 cups of water in a glass (or microwavable container) and place in microwave for 2 minutes. Let steep for 3-5 minutes (just like a tea bag), then gently squeeze the pouch, releasing the mineral gel. Wipe mineral gel onto areas of irritated skin and let dry. Leave on skin for maximum benefits. Use on irritated areas on arms, legs and scalp. Great to use on sunburn, rashes, itching insect bites, poison ivy and poison oak.

Helpful tips

For flaking and scaling skin, use a natural bristle or loofah and lightly brush dry skin off to increase absorption of the minerals. And great for foot baths!

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