Seaweed is full of micro-nutrients making it one of the best fertilizers for lawns, gardens and plants
The ocean is the most natural, nutrient-rich part of the earth. All nutrients on the planet eventually work their way back into the ocean, and seaweed acts like a sponge, absorbing the micro-nutrients. As a result, seaweed is considered one of the best fertilizers for plants. VitaminSea Seaweed offers a variety of organic products for your lawn, garden, shrubs and plants.

  • Kelp Meal contains over 60 trace minerals utilized by your plants, increases plant stem strength, shelf life and encourages better aerification of soil.
  • Kelp Powder makes great liquid fertilizer, and seaweed in general is one of the best fertilizers for plants. The natural alginate within many types of seaweed help to bind soil crumbs together, as well as replenish and boost various nutrients, trace elements, and amino acids absorbed during plant growth.
  • Our water-soluble, concentrated, Liquid Seaweed & Fish Emulsion has a higher nitrogen level than most emulsions. Our liquid fertilizer improves the health, vitality, and yield of house and garden plants, lawn, shrubs, and ornamentals by supplying vital micronutrients from seaweed and macronutrients from ocean fish.
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Organic Kelp Meal, 5 lbs.
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Organic Kelp Powder
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