All of our products are GMO free!

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Who doesn't take pleasure in the sensorial experience of the seaside? Warm sand beneath your bare feet, the rhythmic, sound of waves breaking against the shore, and the salty aromatic breezes coming in from the ocean. Just walking along the beach, close to the earth and away from the technologies of modern life, can be a healing experience.

We are a small, family owned, “ocean” family with 25+ years in the marine industry. Our seaweed is mechanically harvested by us, with our own licensed harvesters. We work year round to provide your the freshest quality products available.

All of our products are from live ocean plants from the cold pristine waters off the rocky coastline, not from seaweed that was washed up on shore. And all our products are naturally sun dried to keep all its nutrients at the highest level. We harvest, process, and package our own products!

Our feed grade seaweed is quality controlled. The seaweed we choose for our animal products is carefully selected from the outer islands, dried in greenhouses, and is milled separately from out fertilizer grade seaweed.

For animals, seaweed is a rich source of micro-nutrients, amino acids, and trace elements. Because the minerals are in plant tissue, they are easily digested and assimilated. Many of the trace minerals are essential for producing enzymes which in turn, promote healthy body functions. Recommended by leading animal care and holistic professionals, seaweed improves overall health, performance, and well-being.

Our VitaminSea Pet product is finely milled for easier digestibility. Our VitaminSea Farm Kelp Chips is a larger milled product, which prevents waste. Large animals prefer this mill, it has a 'crunch' when eaten. Seaweed fulfills the requirements in animals for trace elements that are often lacking in land-grown feeds and pastures(due to erosion or leaching), and standard mineral mixes.

The ocean is part of our world, and the more we learn and research seaweed, we have come to realize that it is the most powerful plant on earth!

Seaweed is a non-pollutant, renewable and when harvested correctly, sustainable resource. It is an amazing plant, please try our products and “Sea” for yourself!